Scholarships for March 2017 intake



Qinghai Nationalities University was established in December 1949, it is the earliest university that was founded in Qinghai province and also one of the earliest universities that established after the founding of New China. Qinghai Nationalities University is among the first batch of the unit that obtained the master degree nationwide it is the certified education unit for recruiting and cultivating foreign students approved by the education department .Moreover, it is the university that is authorized to cultivate students in getting government scholarship. Qinghai Nationalities University has 15 faculties, 5 directly subordinated teaching departments, 23 teaching and research institutes, 75master’s degree authorization centers, 53 undergraduate majors. These majors are literature, physic science, law, economics, administration, education, history, medicine and engineering, etc.


Qinghai Nationalities University has cooperative relationships with Technical University Dresden, Nanzan University, Institut de Management Europe-Asie, University of Malaya, Fort Hays State University, Hannam University, Sudan Africa International University and Taiwan Qinyi University of Science and Technology, Fo Guang University, etc.


 Bachelor in Engineering:  (Majors Taught in English)


 ·        Civil Engineering

·        Automation Engineering

·        Electronic Engineering

·        Software Engineering

·        International Economic & Trade  and BBA

·        Computer Science & Information Technology

·        Mechanical Engineering

·        Law

·        Pharmacy

·        Chinese Language & Culture

·        Finance & Economy


Expenses Details

1st year  = USD 3500 (Including Hostel , Tuition, Medical, Visa Renewal, Insurance, Liaison & Management etc)

Tuition Fee & Hostel after Scholarship : 8000 RMB (Yuan) / year  from 2nd year onwards.

Air Ticket & Food expenses are students personal expenses.

From 2nd year student ‘ll pay insurance, medical, visa renewal at its own.

Excellent students ‘ll be rewarded 2000 RMB / year extra scholarship which ‘ll be deducted from 8000 RMB.

Excellent students ‘ll be rewarded full CSC scholarship for Master studies with Tuition and hostel free and with monthly allowance around 3000 RMB / month.


March Intake 2017

Applications start now.

Limited Seats

 All countries accepted (Except Nigeria)