China University of Petroleum (CUP)





China University of Petroleum is located in coastal city of Qingdao, Shandong Province.


*        Recognized By Saudi Ministry of Education.

*        Recognized By U.A.E Ministry of Education.

*        National key university of" 211" project.

*        Directly under Central Education Ministry of Beijing.

*        Only university in China teaching Petroleum engineering in English medium.

*        Started English medium program since 2007 and up to now has enrolled more than 150 foreign students.

*        The 2nd largest Oil field of China is in Shandong and is the research base of China University of Petroleum.

*        It has 83rd number in the list of top 100 universities of China. The link is below:




Fee Structure


   Courses in English:  Petroleum, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Geology, Environmental and Civil Engineering

   Session: March / Sep 2016

   Course Duration: 4 Years


Fee detail for First Year September 2016 is as below:


Tuition fee:                                                20000 RMB / year

Hostel fee:                                                  4800 RMB / Year *

Registration fee:                                          500 RMB Once Only

Visa extension:                                            400 RMB per year

Medical checkup:                                        400 RMB Once Only

Health Insurance:                                        800 RMB / Year

Hostel Security (Refundable)                        11000 RMB Once Only

Blanket & Bedding                                     350 RMB Once Only

Liaison fee:                                                 6500 RMB Once Only


Total:                                      44750 RMB  /  6900$  /   700,000 Rs


From 2nd Year to 4th Year Fee:

Tuition fee:                                                20000 RMB / Year

Hostel fee:                                                    4800 RMB / Year


Total:                                     24800 RMB / 3800$/ 380,000 Rs

*1 USD ($) = 6.41 RMB (¥)      **1 USD ($) = 100 PKR

Currency rate is just for reference and 'll be payable in RMB.

*10000 RMB Study Security must be paid by the student in First Year.

Petroleum Engineering Tuition Fee per year is 20,000 Yuan

Master Program Tuition fee is 24000 RMB/Year. PHD program tuition fee is 30,000 RMB/Year

Civil Eng, Mechanical Eng and Electrical Eng tuition fee/Year is 16000 Yuan.

Geology, Environmental and Chemical Engineering tuition fee is 15000/Year


Steps to be follow

1.      Initial documents;

a.      Matric & FSc Mark sheet/ Certificates

b.      Passport

c.       Filled application form

2.      Documents for issuance of JW202/ Visa Letter

a.      Matric & FSc Mark sheet/ Certificates

b.      Passport

c.       Police Clearance Certificate (attested)

d.      Filled application Form

3.      Air tickets cost (one way) US$ 550 (approximately).


Special Notes:

·         Student has to pay first year fee within one week after arrival otherwise he will be charged penalty or send back to home country.

·         Books, Food & other miscellaneous expenses are not included in the above fees. Students themselves will pay these expenses.


There are two options available for hostel 4800 RMB for   old building and 7200RMBfor new building.

     *Hostel Payment Description:


Room Type

Single Room

Double Room

Room Facilities

Communal Facilities






Shower bathroom,TV,
electric fan,furniture,
 network interface

Public laundry room,
Communal kitchens


Face South






Face North









·         Student has to obey all rules & regulations set by university and Chinese govt.

·         You need to pay a housing deposit of 1000RMB when moving in, if there is no damage when you leave, the money will be returned to you.

·         You need to pay for three month at least when moving in, during the 3 months if you want to leave, the money will not be returned.

·         The school provides 60 kwh/month, 3 cubic feet of water/month for single rooms, 120 /month, 6 cubic feet of water/month for double rooms. Anything more than that should be paid by yourself.

·         The internet fee you should be paid by yourself.

·         The room fee is paid in months. If it is not a complete month, the fee will be calculated in days.

·         Students who only live in for short periods or temporarily don't get water or electricity subsidies.


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